Zion Lutheran Church
N48 W18700 Lisbon Rd.
Menomonee Falls, WI 53051
(262) 781-8133 phone
(262) 781-4656 fax


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Service Times
(September - May) 
Thursday 6:30 PM
Sunday   8:00 & 10:30 AM
Service Times
Thursday 6:30 PM
Sunday   9:00 AM
Sunday School/Bible Class
(September - May)
Sunday  9:30 AM

Zion is a "Whole-Life" Birth-to-Heaven Ministry for People of All Ages!

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On Sunday, September 9 we returned to our Fall/Winter/Spring worship schedule.  Sunday Services are at 8:00 & 10:30 AM.  Coffee Hour refreshments at 9:00.  Sunday School and Adult Bible Classes start at 9:30.  Come and join us!



December    1 -   Ladies Guild CRAFT SALE at 8:00-2:00

                    5 -   Midweek Advent Service 1 (6:30) 

                    8 -   Ladies Advent Tea 2:00-4:00

                    9 -   CHOIR CANTATA at 8:00 and 10:30 AM

                  12 -   Midweek Advent Service 2 (6:30)

                  13 -   ALL-SCHOOL CHRISTMAS SERVICE (in Gym) at 6:30

                  19 -  Midweek Advent Service 3 (6:30)

                  24 -  CHRISTMAS EVE WORSHIP at 7:00

                  25 -  CHRISTMAS DAY WORSHIP at 9:00 AM

                  31 -  NEW YEAR'S EVE WORSHIP at 6:30 PM

Midweek Advent Services are on the 3 December Wednesdays before Christmas (Dec. 5, 12 & 19) and will start at 6:30 PM.


On Sundays, this is our schedule...

     8:00 AM - Early Worship Service
     9:00 AM - Coffee Hour
     9:30 AM - Sunday School & Bible Classes
   10:30 AM - Late Worship Service
Holy Communion is offered on a weekly rotating schedule of Early-Late, Early-Late. (Weeks 1 & 3 of the month communion is in the early service; weeks 2 & 4 it is in the late; in months with 5 Sundays the 5th week is non-communion in both services.)  

Thursday worship is at 6:30 PM  


         During the SUMMER these are our Worship Times....  

Each Lord's Day between Memorial and Labor Day weekends (inclusive) this is our schedule...     
       9:00 AM - Worship Service 
     10:00 AM - Coffee Hour Refreshments  
        Thursday worship is at 6:30 PM
During the summer, Holy Communion is offered on weeks 2 and 4 of the month, and the Thursdays preceding.  In months with 5 Sundays the 5th week is non-communion.

.    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~



Thursday services start at 6:30 PM and are held year-round EXCEPT during Advent and Lent (when they are moved to Wednesday evenings). While still traditional, this service is a little more casual than Sundays. If communion is offered at the upcoming EARLY Sunday service, it will also be offered at the Thursday service.



During the Fall/Winter/Spring schedule, Holy Communion is offered EACH WEEK on a rotating "early/late" schedule. Weeks 1 & 3 of the month it is at the early service; weeks 2 & 4 it is offered at the late service; when there is a 5th Sunday it is always non-communion. Thursdays correspond to the following Sunday early service. During the Summer schedule it is weeks 2 & 4 (and the Thursdays preceding them).

Communion Practice: Here at Zion we do follow what is called "close" or "closed" communion; in practice this means that members of church bodies other than the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod (LCMS) are asked to speak to the Pastor or an Elder prior to communing for the first time. The wine is offered with both the common and individual cups.



This being Wisconsin, the winter months can bring bad weather.  

If the SCHOOL is being closed due to cold or snow, parents will be informed via FastDirect and the various news channels.  

If the school is closed for weather, our CHILDCARE will be closed also as soon as possible.

Cancelling CHURCH SERVICES due to weather is much more rare, but if that happens it will be posted at the top of this page and on Facebook.  More importantly, you are encouraged to make your own decision as to whether you feel safe being out and about ... and we urge you to err on the safe side!


Always feel free to call 262-781-8133 to verify specific worship times!

Zion is a member congregation of the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod