school board

The School Board is the main group responsible for providing oversight of the educational programs of Zion Lutheran Day School and Zion Lutheran Child Care. Meeting on a generally monthly schedule, they help prepare budgets, formulate policy and manage the programs. Members are elected to 3-year terms by the Voting Members of the Zion congregation. Families are invited to bring questions to the Board by first contacting the Principal or Board Chair.

 school board members

  • Miss Monica Siebarth (Chairperson)
  • Mr. Jeremy Hedrick
  • Mrs. Sue Kalchbrenner
  • Ms. Angela Novotney
  • Mrs. Mary Stein
 key zion administration who also meet with the school board
    • Mr. Matt Pankow (Principal)
    • Ms. Ruth Hawk (Childcare Director)
    • Rev. Michael D. Pfingsten (Pastor)