(2017 - 2018)

Annual Base Tuition:    

    - 4-Year-Old Kindergarten (full day)  -  $3,600

    - Grades K5-8 (full day)                         -  $2,060 

Other Fees

  • Testing Fee (Grades 3-8): $55 each student
  • Fee for Child Care/Extended Care: $50 Registration Fee per family, plus hourly rates (This fee is not charged until the family uses Child Care services for the first time.)
  • Outdoor Education Fee for 5-8th Grade: $120.00  (Fundraising is optional to help cover the cost) 
Pricing Includes the Following:

· Classroom Textbooks, Workbooks, and materials for all subjects

· Technology Fee

· Field Trip and Activities Fee

· Fast direct internet account/Online Grading

· Music Program and choirs

Zion Lutheran School does not provide transportation to and from school.  Transportation of students to and from school is the responsibility of parents.

Students at Zion Lutheran School purchase hot lunch each day or bring a bag lunch from home.  Zion sells hot Lunch to students through an agreement with the Hamilton School District.  Cost for hot lunch is $3.10, and includes a half-pint milk.  (Students purchasing milk separately for their bag lunch are charged $.30)  Zion participates in the Federal Free and Reduced Price Hot Lunch Program, which provides hot lunch for free or at a reduced price to families who qualify.  Please contact the school office for more information about the Federal Free and Reduced Price Hot Lunch Program.