Costs of Education

The cost of educating a child at Zion Lutheran School is over $9,000. Zion Lutheran Congregation views education at the elementary and secondary level as their mission and thus subsidizes over $7,000 of each child's fees in grades 5K-8. This is a significant investment made by the Congregation on behalf of the children.

Families who are members of Zion Lutheran Congregation in need of additional financial assistance should contact Principal Matt Pankow.  Families who are not members of Zion Lutheran Congregation are asked to first look to their families and friends and their home congregation to request financial assistance before seeking financial assistance through Zion Lutheran Congregation.

Zion Lutheran School participates in the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program and the Wisconsin Parental Choice Program.  The Milwaukee Parental Choice Program (MPCP--for Milwaukee Residents) and Wisconsin Parental Choice Program (WCPC--for families living outside of Milwaukee) provide a voucher that covers the cost of private school tuition for children of families who qualify.  Online registration for the MPCP and WCPC open February 1 for the following school year.  Parents whose students are currently in the MPCP or WCPC must reapply each year and provide residency verification, but do NOT need to complete the income verification step.  Parents whose students are not currently in the MPCP or WCPC must complete the online application and provide both residency verification and income verification.  Families currently in the MPCP and WCPC are encouraged to reapply ASAP to ensure that they will have a Choice seat for the next school year.   Families that are not currently in the MPCP or WCPC are encouraged to check the income limits for the program to see if they might qualify.   Go to the DPI website  to submit your online MPCP or WCPC application.  The DPI website contains complete information about the Choice application process, including income limits and instructions for completing the online application.