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Mrs. Amy Schumacher’s 1st Grade Teaching Philosophy & Personal Mission Statement.

My Goal is to develop Faith in your children:

1. Faith in Jesus as their Savior & Lord,

2. Faith in themselves and their abilities,

3. Faith in what they are learning is meaningful in their lives now and for the future.

Personal biography:

Ever since I was a student in Mrs. Hubbard’s 1st grade class, I had always said I wanted to be a 1st grade teacher. It‘s such a magical year with many new things, bridging the gap between early education and elementary school. I attended St Paul Lutheran in Grafton, WI from 4k to 8th grade and felt blessed to have a Christian education, the positive influences, and God’s call to become a Lutheran educator myself. I attended Concordia University, WI and began my career right here at Zion with the 3k program back in 2008. As Zion grew I took on the role of 1st grade teacher in 2011. My husband John and I currently have an 8 month old son, Eddie, who attends Zion’s magnificent childcare. I enjoy outdoor activities with them and our two black labs, along with cooking and scrapbooking. I look forward to learning and growing with our "Firsties” each year.

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