My name is Melissa Mullikin and I am the 2nd grade teacher and the 5K to 3rd grade PE teacher here at Zion Lutheran School. I also direct the musical. Prior to 2nd grade, I taught math and literature in the middle school here at Zion. Before my Zion experience I taught 2nd and 3rd grade at Concordia University School in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

I like to say that I was born and raised in LCMS-Lutheran schools. From my baptism through college, I have had a Christian, Lutheran, education. I graduated from Concordia University Wisconsin in May of 2007 with a degree in Elementary Education with a minor in Social Studies.

When I am not busy being a Lutheran educator, I like to be active outdoors and spend time with my family. I love running, yoga, kickboxing, hiking, and biking. My husband Tyler and I have been married for four years, and our daughter Eloise, has been in the Zion childcare since birth.

As a teacher, it is my mission to help each student, whose life I get to be a part of, to discover the full potential of his/her God-given talents and abilities. It is my goal as an educator to find how each student learns and tailor our curriculum to meet his/her needs. I want each student to become an excellent Christ-like leader and learner in the classroom and out in the world.

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