our pastor

            Pastor Pfingsten
Rev. Michael D. Pfingsten has been Zion's pastor since Nov. 11, 2012.
Born in Racine, WI, Pastor Pfingsten attended Lutheran schools for 21
straight years ... Kindergarten through Seminary! 
After graduating from Racine Lutheran High School, he went to Concordia University in St. Paul, MN, receiving a B.A. in history.  Next he went to Concordia Theological Seminary in Ft. Wayne, IN where he received his MDiv. degree (also in history).  He was ordained on June 26, 1988.
His first parish was in southern Indiana (St. Paul, Jonesville, IN) where he served from 1988-1994.  Next he served St. Paul Lutheran Church in Harvard, IL (northern Illinois, 5 miles south of the Wisconsin border) for 18 1/4 years (1994-2012). 
In 1986 he married Diana K. Wenndt, the sister of a college buddy who is also a Lutheran pastor. 
He and Diana have two sons: Michael A. (who graduated from Northern Illinois University as a music teacher and lives in Bellingham, Washington), and Jonathan (who is a graduate of the University of Illinois Urbana-Champagne and is a nuclear engineer working for the federal Nuclear Regulatory Commission).  He and his wife Kirsten (and their dog, Sophie) live in the Philadelphia area.
In 2005 a young man named Rob Lunak came to live with them -- and came to call Pastor and Diana "Dad and Mom."  Rob and his wife, Brooke, live in Janesville, WI, where he is a Lutheran School Principal.
In his 30 years in the ministry Pastor Pfingsten has served in a variety of other positions along with his parish ministry.  Most recently, before coming to Zion, he was a Circuit Counselor in the Northern Illinois District and the Vice President of the Board of Directors of Faith Lutheran High School in Crystal Lake, IL.  He has served on several District and regional committees and was an LLL Zone Pastoral Advisor and synodical convention delegate.  In Indiana he was also a volunteer firefighter.
An avid (some say rabid) fan (and stockholder) of the Green Bay Packers, his other hobbies are photography, photo and video editing, fishing and shooting (bow, gun, and muzzleloader), and reading.