Who doesn't love a good book? 
Well, the Bible is a VERY good book indeed!
Even more, it is the very Word of God ... inerrant, inspired, and
infallible ... trustworthy and true, able to guide us in difficult times
and a means whereby God speaks to us even today.
But how can we know what the Bible says unless we read it --
indeed, study it even more closely than we would any other
important volume.
This is why we here at Zion have a variety of Bible Study
Whether it is CHILDREN learning about the Bible in Sunday
School, weekday school, Vacation Bible School (VBS), or confirmation
classes -- or ADULTS gathering on Sunday mornings or one of the
week-day evenings, we have a Bible Study for YOU!
Call and talk to Pastor Pfingsten; he'll be happy to help "plug"
in into one of our groups!