Confirmation is the end of an educational process by which baptized members of the church
become communicant members of the congregation -- or by which adults coming from non-
Lutheran backgrounds enter the congregation..
For young people confirmation usually is  a 2-year process of classes during the 7th and 8th
grade years (1 day a week) of learning about the teachings of the Lutheran Church and applying
it to our lives.  These classes generally start in the Fall.  All kids in Zion's grade school get this
education; for those not enrolled in our school Pastor teaches it at a time that is convenient
for all the prospective students.
For adults the process is usally much shorter (a couple of months, meeting weekly) and specifically
addreses where the adult is at and what religious experience/knowledge he or she has.  These
classes start as needed.  This adult information class is designed to give information about us and
our teachings, and is for anyone who wants to know more about us -- whether or not they ultimately
join this church.
For more information about our Confirmation classes, please speak to our Pastor.