"Missions" is closely linked to the next tab, "Evangelism."
Usually we think of "Missions" as supporting those who are
bringing Christ to others on our behalf (often in distant lands)
while "Evangelism" is often thought of as our own bringing Christ
to those who are around us (our neighbors, family and friends),
especially with the aim of them becoming members of this
Here at Zion, BOTH are deeply important to us!
Our "Missions and Evangelism" Board reaches out to our
neighbors through a variety of ways, and provides training
and materials for our fellow Zion members as THEY reach
out to others with the Good News of Jesus.
This same board also keeps the congregation informed about
mission opportunities that don't benefit Zion directly but
which do build up the Body of Christ (the Church universal).
Do you have a heart for the Lost?  So do we!  Let's
get together and DO something!