ladies guild

Our Ladies Guild objective is to make missionary work our major project, to aid in the endeavors of our congregation and school and to foster Christian Fellowship.

Our ladies are currently active in LWML, craft sales, assembling baby layettes, coffee hours, Lenten meals, bread sales, ice cream socials at church picnic and other various fundraising efforts.

Throughout the years are ladies have generously given of their time, talents and monies to support Bethesda Home, LCFS, Concordia University, Lutheran High, LWML, LAMP Ministries, Braille Workers, Deaf Ministries, Seminary Student and Missionary sponsorship, Lutheran Attic Workshop, Lutheran Special School, Place of Refuge and many others.

Our Ladies meet the second Wednesday of every month, excluding July and August, with crafting at 9:30am followed by dessert lunch and meeting at 12:30pm. The Ladies Evening Guild Society (LEGS), which was started in March of 2007, is a very active part of the Ladies Guild; they also meet the second Wednesday of the month at6:30 pm. We welcome all ladies to come and see what we are about!!

Our ladies are dedicated stewards of our Lord just as they have been throughout the past 78 years.

Any questions, please see or call Sharon Murry at 262-253-1163.