"SPAM" is more than just mystery-meat-in-a-can; it is the
acronym for the Zion High School student group ... "Student
Praise and Ministry."
And believe it or not, what SPAM does is pretty cool!
Under adult direction, the Youth visit area Lutheran
nursing homes, take care of our members who are
shut-ins or nursing home residents, they study the Bible,
play, and earn money to pay for their once-every-three-year
trip to the Synodical Youth Gatherings.
The members of SPAM know that being a High School
student is great ... but with the greater freedom and
understanding that comes with their ages also comes
the awareness that we are here for more than just ourselves.
Yes, SPAM is more than just a mystery meat!
Call Monica Siebarth at (414) 535-1043 or (414) 630-8242.