infant program

We have two Infant Rooms at Zion, Infant A and Infant B.


INFANT A: 6 weeks – 6-9 months (or mobile)

Lead Teacher: Cheryl Lewis

ScheduleThe schedule for this classroom is based off of your schedule at home. Our teachers will work with you to establish a schedule at Zion that fits your family’s needs. 

What will my child do and learn in the Infant A Room? Our teachers are very hands-on and spend a great deal of time interacting with the children in the room. Your child will work on the following: 

  • Tummy Time
  • Small Motor Skills – playing on the mat with toys, working on their pincer grasp as they prepare for cheerios or puffs.
  • Sitting Up – at first with help then independently
  • We will help as you begin to introduce food into their diet
  • Listen to music and stories as told or sung by their teachers


For more information on our Infant A Room please click here (PDF)

Click here for a checklist of items you will need to bring to the center. (PDF)  



INFANT B: 6-9 months – 12-14 months

Lead Teacher: Amy Stickney

Schedule: This classroom loosely follows a 10 AM and 2 PM nap schedule while continuing to work with parents and child to accommodate individual needs. We understand that each child is unique and may not be ready for just two naps upon their transition.

What will my child do and learn in the Infant B Room?  Your child will again be in a room where their teachers are interacting with them throughout the entire day.   

  • Continue to master mobility: crawling, pulling-up, walking with them independently
  • Transition from bottles to sippy cups
  • Learn to eat finger foods  (click here for a list of suggestions)
  • Sing songs
  • Listen to stories
  • Work on simple body part recognition (eyes, nose, and mouth)
  • Simply baby sign-language (more, all done, please, thank you)